’16 and Pregnant’ premiere: Mackenzie and Katie are way too normal

mackenzie-16-and-pregnant.jpgMTV brought back its reality hit “16 and Pregnant” for Season 4 with back-to-back episodes. For a season premiere, the show sure picked two normal, well-adjusted girls — no crazy custody battles or relationship issues here. Sure, their boyfriends shared a love of risky behavior — one is a cowboy, the other is a coal miner — the episodes were much more peaceful than others we’ve seen.

The teens profiled on the show have had their fair share of problems, but Mackenzie and Katie both seemed like perfectly level-headed teenagers with nice enough boyfriends. Where’s the drama, MTV?

Cheerleader Mackenzie, who had the honor of having her story told in the first episode of the season, seemed sweet and not a total doormat. Her boyfriend Josh seemed ill-prepared, but wasn’t a dirtbag or anything.

The only major complication came when Josh got in a pretty major car accident a few weeks before the baby was born. So he wasn’t hurt from his reckless rodeo activities, he got slammed by a semi, leaving him in a neck brace. Unfortunately, he wanted to go back to his rodeo riding almost immediately after he recovered, worrying Mackenzie.

Katie had to give up her dream of going to college with her best friend in Denver. Though she and her boyfriend Joey fought right before their daughter’s birth, they eventually reconciled and got a house together once Joey landed a job as a coal miner.

One thing the show does so well is portray the agony of middle-of-the-night wakeup calls — if any teenager watches this show and thinks “hey, that looks like fun,” then they’re obviously on drugs and have bigger problems.

The new group of “Teen Mom” stars is being culled from this batch of girls — do you think Mackenzie or Katie is interesting enough to make the cut?

Photo/Video credit: MTV

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