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3 reasons you need to watch ‘BrainDead,’ including a Michael Moore sex scene


If you’re not watching “BrainDead” on CBS you’re missing not only one of the most wonderfully unique shows of the summer, but one of the most truly bizarre network comedies in some time.

In a time where viewers’ minds are occupied with an upcoming presidential election, “BrainDead” centers on a Washington, D.C. being overthrown by alien bugs that are eating the brains of anyone they come into contact with — including members of Congress.

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It’s easy to find comedy in a situation like that, but “BrainDead” doesn’t go for the easy humor. Instead it looks for ways to stand out among the summer doldrums and does so in very interesting ways, three of which Zap2it simply adores.

1. Previously On …

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The “Previously On …” introduction of a show is standard in the serialized world, but that didn’t stop “BrainDead” from turning that old convention on its head. Every week, viewers are treated to a brand new song that recaps everything that’s happened. Does it make sense? No, because this show isn’t a musical. But who cares? It’s magical and, somehow, it simply works.

2. All hail The Cars

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Is anyone more thankful for “BrainDead” than Ric Ocasek? The song “You Might Think” by Ocasek’s band The Cars plays a major role in every single episode because, for some reason, those infected by the brain bugs just have to listen to it as much as possible. The ’80s are alive on “BrainDead” and we couldn’t be more happy about it.

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3. The Michael Moore sex scene you were afraid to want

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Talk about something you can’t look away from, on Sunday’s (Aug. 21) episode — “Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are Discovered and Patched” — there was a sex scene starring none other than Mary Elizabeth Winstead and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who played the coveted role of himself. While chances are you never expected to see a scene with the director of “Where To Invade Next,” good luck erasing it from your mind now!

“BrainDead” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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