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The ocean is a place for rest and relaxation – floating, swimming, and living underwater. In this – the second book in a series of My Pocket Coloring Book – coloring books for adults – I incorporated an underworld theme meant to bring you a peaceful coloring experience that will connect you to your inner emotional journey.

Water is similar to the world of emotions. Emotions contain Energy and Motion, just like water. The e-motion flows freely and allows rejuvenation so that we can feel new energy and new emotion while we wash away repressed or current pain. Under the ocean we can free ourselves from suffering and distress in the past or present, cleansing for the future. Like water, we are full of life and emotions flow freely.

Like the full series, this adult coloring book offers stress-relieving coloring through geometric patterns and designs. This time, focusing on underwater, the coloring is designed to provide an elevated level of guidance, culminating in a deeper connection, peace, and inspiration.
Similar to the first book in this My Pocket Coloring Book Series, I use the Golden Ratio to design this book’s rectangular cover. The Golden Rectangle proportion will take you for an aesthetically pleasing peaceful journey by connecting to the Divine Proportion through coloring. The size enables you to take the book anywhere; in a purse, briefcase, or tote, offering stress-relieving water animals, plant life, and design coloring-on-the-go.

I invite you to a soft inner soul journey, intending relaxing remembrance and awakening. I invite you to connect to your ancient wisdom, find your inner self and connect to your inner truth.

High Quality Thick and Heavy Paper Book.

Enhance Your Life Experience Today!!!

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