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Aldertree might be a secret baddie on ‘Shadowhunters’

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It seems things at the Institute are finally coming to a tipping point on “Shadowhunters” — and the person to blame is its tight-laced new director, Aldertree (Nick Sagar).

After trying and failing to heal Alec (Matthew Daddario) with magic, Magnus (Henry Shum Jr.) and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) decide that the only way to save him is to reunite him with Jace (Dominic Sherwood), and let the missing part of Alec’s soul find its way back from the parabatai bond.

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The task is easier said than done, however, considering Aldertree has the Institute (and Magnus and Alec by extension) on lockdown. He’s also got people hunting Jace all over the city, and we’re less than sure they’ve got his best interests at heart.

Considering all Aldertree has done in the past few episodes, we’re beginning to wonder whether or not this guy has a nasty agenda of his own.

“Aldertree brings a very, very interesting element to the story, because we don’t really… We can’t see through his guise yet,” Katherine McNamara says. “We don’t know whether he’s somebody who’s going to help us get to Jace, or if he’s somebody who’s going to be an obstacle to that.”

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So far, Aldertree has seemed like a loyal shadowhunter who is simply following orders and trying to right the ship at the Institute. We wouldn’t say he’s been Jace’s best ally, but for the most part his actions indicate he’s going by the book to uphold the law, even if it means holding Jace accountable for working with Valentine (Alan Van Sprang). Still, we can’t rule Aldertree out as a villain just yet.

“He could quite happily just be following The Clave’s rules in the same way that Maryse did, and we’ve seen Maryse do throughout,” Sherwood says, “So he could just be doing that — or else he could be a big bad guy. He is British, and we do tend to make the Brits the bad guys.”

Now that we think about it, Sherwood is totally right: Anyone with an accent on “Shadowhunters” has inevitably turned out to be kind of a baddie. It’s probably time to keep a closer eye on Aldertree.

“Shadowhunters” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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