‘American Horror Story’ Season 2: ‘Skins’ star Britne

britne-oldford-getty.jpg“American Horror Story” is heading to the insane asylum for Season 2, and as expected, there will be no shortage of seriously creepy criminals roaming the halls as Jessica Lange does her best to keep them in line.

Newly announced is the casting of Britne Oldford, one of the stars of Britain’s racy series “Skins.” According to TVLine, Oldford has been cast in the recurring role of Alma, presumably one of the institution’s inmates.

Though few details about Alma have been released, we do know a little something about some of the other characters that will be inhabiting this world — which is a completely separate one from what we saw in Season 1. Ryan Murphy and Co. are also looking for an “offbeat,” possibly scary, “thin and wiry” farmhand named Jed, an “extremely extremely thin, freakish” Latina named Clara, and a “possibly malformed” but “proportionate” actress who is under 5 feet tall and is comfortable wearing facial prosthetics to play “Pepper.”

Producers are searching for extras, as well, presumably to play the more background inmates. They want some cool character-types, but they warn actors not to submit typical nerd-with-glasses photos. They’re looking for something more specific — along the lines of “sickly, scary, haunting, gaunt, and angular.”

We’re going to be watching this season with the lights on too, we suppose.

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