‘American Idol’ elimination interview: Janelle Arthur knew she was

Although many thought the judges would use the save to keep all five girls of the “American Idol” Top 5, that wasn’t the case. Country singer Janelle Arthur ended up on the bottom and was therefore eliminated.

We talked to Janelle right after she got her results. Check out the interview to find out why she expected to go home tonight, what sort of music she plans for the future, and how it was to hear from Dolly Parton.

How are you feeling?

Janelle Arthur: I’m okay. I really am. I mean, I’m sad ’cause I wasn’t ready to go. I was already thinking about songs for next week and it would have been really good.

Did you suspect that you would be eliminated?

Janelle Arthur: Yeah, I told [Candice] right before we walked out. And I don’t know if the camera caught it or if they didn’t. I think they only caught me telling her I loved her. But I turned around and I went, “This is the deal — I’m going home. They’re not gonna save me, but I love you.” And then I turned around and walked out. And then we went out onstage, and that’s exactly what happened.

Why didn’t you think the judges would use the save?

Janelle Arthur: I thought they were going to use the save, just not on me. That’s why they didn’t — ’cause everybody thought they would, I guess. They gotta throw the curveball.

Were you watching the judges at all during your last song?

Janelle Arthur: I kind of just felt like I was singing to America. I don’t know. I just wasn’t paying attention. I knew they were talking, and it was just weird. It was a weird feeling because I didn’t have a voice really. So I was just trying mainly to get through the song, just knowing that it was my last time singing on the stage.

Why did you choose “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” as your last song?

Janelle Arthur: That was my arrangement. I just wanted to sing it. That was the best choice for me. It was a big hit as far as I got a good response from the American people, so why not sing the song like that?

How was it getting a message from Dolly Parton?

Janelle Arthur: That was really cool … I need a phone call next time though. I would really love to just talk to her.

What was your favorite moment from the competition?

Janelle Arthur: I loved singing “Dumb Blonde” last night. I just had so much fun. I had so much fun! That’s like the most fun I think I’ve had on the stage. I think mainly because I brought that to life. The arrangement had just been in my head and to know just a few days before the performance I just explained it to them. What came from that is just cool.

How many pairs of cowboy boots are you going home with?

Janelle Arthur: I think maybe 7 or 8. I was like, “Man, if I had just made Top 3 I could have had a couple more pairs!”

Did you get those sparkly boots back from Nicki Minaj?

Janelle Arthur: I haven’t even gotten those back from wardrobe yet. Oh my gosh, yeah, I gotta get those back from them! First I was worried about Nicki, now they’re wanting to keep them too. Everybody wants to steal the boots!

What do you see for your future career?

Janelle Arthur: I just see music. That’s all I’ve ever been able to see … I would love to get a record deal if that’s what’s meant to be, but I definitely want to keep writing because I love to write. I want to do that and try to get as many things out there as I can, just keep going.

What sort of album would you like to make?

Janelle Arthur: It’s definitely going to be on the traditional side. I want to stay true to my roots and that makes sense for me. I am from East Tennessee. I am where Dolly Parton is from, so it’s not like I’m just saying “I love country music” — though I have loved listening to it my whole life. I am country. I’m country whether the music is there or it isn’t. So make sense for me to stay more traditional. And there is enough pop country out there, so I think this is my way to just kind of come through in my own little section.

Was Janelle the right choice to go home? Who will be next? Sound off in the comments section!

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