Angus T Jones’ Pastor Insists Teen Is NOT Having A Breakdown, Just


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Angus T. Jones‘ controversial pastor has spoken out about the teen actor’s bizarre on-camera meltdown, insisting the Two and a Half Men star is NOT having a breakdown and is not being exploited.

As radio detection and previously reported, Jones’ shocking rant against his hit sitcom went viral Monday after a testimonial he videotaped for the Forerunner Christian Church was posted online. The 19-year-old’s extraordinary tirade sparked concerns for his wellbeing, with his mother telling the Mail Online she is worried her son “is being exploited by the church.”

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However, Christopher Hudson, the pastor who is featured talking with Jones in the video, has insisted that is not the case, explaining to the Mail Online that Jones believes Jesus Christ is returning to earth soon, and hence feels a strong urge to prepare others for the second coming.

“I respect his mother and the love she has for her child and her need to protect him. She is concerned about his well being as are many other people,” Hudson told the Mail Online.

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“But Angus has not had a breakdown and I am not manipulating him. He said let’s do an interview – and I turned on the camera. Angus is a very educated, thoughtful young man. What was expressed in the video was from the sincere heart of a young man. I didn’t encourage him to do anything. I turned the cameras on with a young man who had a story to tell.

“He’s making a stand with the statements that resonate with his belief system. Angus has a burden in his heart. He realizes that the subject matter in the programme does not minister to us developing the church of God.”

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“Angus accepts that we are living in the last days of the world as we know it. Jesus is coming soon and God will judge what is in the heart of each of us.”

As previously reported, in the video, Jones, who rakes in a cool $ 350,000 per episode of Two and a Half Men, blasted the sitcom and urged viewers to “stop filling your head with filth.”

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“Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing. He is a nonexistent character. He is…Two and a Half Men, if you watch Two and a Half Men please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” Angus said.

“I’m on Two and a Half Men. I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth.”

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Obviously deep into the teachings of the church, Angus says the devil works through television shows like his.

“Watch out, because a lot of people don’t like to think about how deceptive the enemy is,” he said.

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“He’s been doing this for a lot longer than any of us have been around. So we can’t play around. There’s no playing around when it comes to eternity.”

He then makes it sound like he wants off Two and a Half Men because it doesn’t allow him to do God’s work.

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“If I’m not doing His work, I might as well just die now. God could take me now. If I’m doing more harm than good, or if I’m doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to contribute to the enemy’s plan,” Angus said.

“You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can’t. I’m not okay with what I’m learning, what the Bible says, and being on that television show.”

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Hudson explains that Jones’ message was a way to prepare the masses for the second coming of Christ, something the Forerunner Christian Church believe is imminent.

“We are making preparations for the second coming and it is our responsibility to prepare others for that,” Hudson told the Mail Online. “Angus accepts we are living in the last days of the world as we know it. Jesus is coming soon and God will judge what is in the heart of each of us.”

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Meanwhile, numerous videos of Hudson’s unconventional preaching have been unearthed and include a plethora of bizarre claims, including likening President Barack Obama to Hitler and branding Jay-Z a “devil-worshiping Freemason.”


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