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‘ANTM’ top 6 frontrunners for Cycle 23

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“America’s Next Top Model” has moved to VH1 and brought with it a new panel of judges — “Paper” magazine chief creative officer Drew Elliott, model Ashley Graham and celebrity stylist Law Roach — and new host in Rita Ora.

But what hasn’t changed is the cast. Cycle 23 is full of gorgeous women ready to get their smize on.

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After the first photos were released, Screener combed through our knowledge of all things booty tooch and came up with the top six frontrunners for the new season.

6. Cody & Tash Wells, 26

If these twins have any camera presence at all, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the competition. They have bold, handsome looks, which often translate into incredible photos on “ANTM.”

Plus, identical twins are an interesting bit of novelty casting. The last time there were twins on “Top Model,” Amanda and Michelle Babin in Cycle 7, they finished 4th and 5th. Not too shabby.

5. India Gants, 20

At first glance, India is obviously very pretty — but that can work against you in fashion photography. You can be too pretty and look too “catalog,” as opposed to “couture.” However, India’s pouty lips, high cheekbones and green eyes might surprise us, so we’re intrigued to see what she can do.

4. Binta Dibba, 25

Binta’s big eyes, gorgeous skin and super-short hair give her a total Lupita Nyong’o quality, which is 100 percent a compliment. Let’s hope it translates on camera.

3. Kyle McCoy, 23

kyle mccoy americas next top model ANTM top 6 frontrunners for Cycle 23

Kyle is rocking the androgynous look that is always very popular on “ANTM” and in high fashion. Judging by her Instagram, it’s not a look she was pigeon-holed into by the show, either — it looks like Kyle knows that’s her style and she has leaned into it for years, so it should serve her well on “Top Mode.” Unless she somehow totally tanks in front of the camera, she’s one to watch to go the distance.

2. Courtney Nelson, 25

Judging by Courtney’s Instagram video, she’s got some serious ‘tude going on, which can be both a good and a bad thing on “ANTM.” But her insane cheekbones and eyebrows should help her take incredible photos, so we’re putting her near the top.

1. CoryAnne Roberts, 19

coryanne roberts americas next top model ANTM top 6 frontrunners for Cycle 23

One of the youngest contestants, CoryAnne has one of the best headshots of the group, giving us both young Iman and young Lauren Hutton vibes. With those kind of stunning looks, Coryanne is our No. 1 pick for Cycle 23.

“America’s Next Top Model” returns Monday, Dec. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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