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‘Are You the One?’ blackout: Who the heck is Julia’s perfect match?

Julia 'Are You the One?'

“Are You the One” is in serious trouble. On Monday night’s (Aug. 8) episode, the cast received its first blackout. Not only is $275,000 docked from their possible $1 million prize, but they’re only one week away from the finale. Being this clueless regarding who’s the perfect match for each contestant … well, it does not bode well for anyone.

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The biggest shock of the night is Julia’s perfect match remains a mystery. Sick and tired of Gio’s incessant “third eye” theory as to why he and Julia are soulmates, the cast was forced to send them into the Truth Booth to finally shut him up.

While confirmation of their negative match status sent Gio falling to his knees in despair, Stephen cried tears of happiness. This has to mean that he and Julia are a perfect match, right? Nope.

Somehow Morgan and Tori convinced everyone to go into the evening’s ceremony and pick their matches based on strategy, not feelings. Using deductive logic to figure out who rightfully belongs together is a very smart move, but the way this cast played their strategy made zero sense.

To make matters worse, Stephen went rogue and had to pick Julia. So whatever game they were trying to play went out the window anyways.

Stephen 'Are You the One?'

The only positive thing to come out of this disastrous ceremony is that everyone knows Stephen and Julia are not a match. The worst thing to come out of this — other than losing a large chunk of their prize money — is that no one has a clue who Julia is matched with. However, we still think it’s Asaf. After-all, the two most obnoxious people in the house deserve to be with each other.

Julia 'Are You the One?'

Previews of next week’s episode show Stephen reassuring Julia. His message: screw what the Truth Booth says, they can still be together after the show ends. But the face Julia gives him is one that she has seemingly mastered, and a big reason this house is in such dire straits.

Julia 'Are You the One?'

It’s Julia’s noncommittal half-smile, half-confused look which tells him, “Aw, yeah. Maybe.” But inside it’s clear to all the women in the house — and viewers at home that this face means. It pretty much translates to, “No way. But I am going to lead you on because I really enjoy having every guy chase after me.”

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Julia’s inability to shut down the men she’s not into has made the cast waste half their Truth Booths. . Sure, she’s a single lady and can do whatever she pleases. But if Julia doesn’t get her head in the game, Season 4 will be the first cycle of the series to not win the prize when all is said and done.

“Are You the One?” airs its two-hour special finale on Monday, Aug. 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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