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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cleans house: How many people leave in week 5?!

Nick, Jen and Lace on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3

Producers have been teasing since before the premiere that Season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise” ends with multiple engagements, and it’s about to become much clearer as to which of these couples are ready to tie the knot. Why? Because they will be the only couples still around!

A total of 10 contestants will leave “Paradise” in week 5. For readers who don’t want any spoilers, stop reading now. For those who need to know what’s about to go down, proceed.

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Monday’s (Aug. 29) episode finally brings back Wells Adams, the fan-favorite from JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette.” He will be the distraction Ashley I. so desperately needs from her unhealthy Jared obsession. But just as things heat up between the Wells and Ashley I., four ladies saunter into “Paradise” from Ben Higgins’ “Bachelor” cycle: Tiara, Lauren, Shushanna and Jami.

Wells and Ashley I. 'Bachelor in Paradise'

According to the Inquisitor, Wells goes on a date with both Shushanna and Jami, which sends Ashley I. spiraling back to her state of constant tears. But she needn’t worry, and should dry those tears quickly. Neither of Shushanna nor Jami steal Wells’ heart, not do either of them stick around for long. Just as quickly as “Paradise” filled up in week 5,  a mass exodus soon begins.

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Before the rose ceremony even takes place, Caila, Jared and the Twins all call it quits. Rumor has it that Izzy and Shushanna also leave before it’s time for the roses to be handed out. And then during the ceremony, even though Brett goes on a date with Lauren, he decides not to give his rose to anybody, which sends him home. Then eliminated contestants Lauren, Tiara, Jami, Daniel, Ryan and Carl all say goodbye to “Paradise.”

Evan and Carly 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3

So who’s even left? Five couples are still standing: Grant & Lace, Carly & Evan, Josh & Amanda, Nick & Jen and Wells & Ashley. And if these multiple engagement teases are true, that means at least three of these five couples are going to be engaged for three months and then break up in it for the long haul.

Because they are terrible at staying off social media, Grant & Lace and Josh & Amanda are solid bets. As for that the third couple, as surprising as it may seem, it looks to be Carly & Evan.

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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