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Banana, Peacock, Hot Dog or Minnie Mouse: Chrissy Teigen Can't Decide on a Halloween Costu…

So many options, so little Halloween!

Luna Simone Stephens is so adorable that mom Chrissy Teigen can’t settle on just one costume for her only child for her first Halloween—can you blame her? Also, it seems Teigen had food on the brain because the accomplished cookbook author included two costumes inspired by classic fare.

“You can’t possibly think I only bought the hot dog,” the television host quipped on Instagram. “Please help I can’t stop.” 

Currently, the infant has four options. She can be a banana, a hot dog, a peacock or Minnie Mouse. The food costumes appear to be comfortable onesies while Minnie’s is a classic pink polka dot dress and ears. The peacock look comes with a headpiece and matching slippers. 

“Luna, are you a peacock?” Teigen asked her daughter while trying to hold back her laughter. We can’t help but ask—do these looks come in adult sizes?!

Meanwhile, Luna seems a bit uninterested. “Have you ever seen a more ‘why me?’ face,” her famous mom commented on the baby’s expression. 

However, it wasn’t such an easy process finding this many options. 

“I’ve been looking online for costumes and I cannot find anything for a 6-month-old,” Teigen told E! News. “They’re always sold out or it’s for older or it’s a little too adult. It has shoes. I’m like, ‘She can’t do anything!’ or it’s like the ones where they’re just like in a cocoon.”

The model even asked fans for help with her dress up dilemma. 

“I’m looking for costumes. If anyone has a costume, an old costume for a 6-month old, please send it to me.” It seems her wishes have been granted tenfold. 

As for what Teigen and dad John Legend are going to dress up as this year, it all depends on their daughter. “We’re going to work our costumes around that,” she said. 

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