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‘BB: OTT’ power rankings week 9: The winner is basically a foregone conclusion

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Well, the “Big Brother: Over the Top” house is down to the final four and in a few days will whittle that to the final three.

It seems like kind of a foregone conclusion at this point who is going to win the game, so now it’s just a matter of who will take runner-up. Read on for Screener’s final power rankings before the big finale.

1. Jason, up 4 spots

We have to hand it to Jason — he managed to escape being a major target (as a veteran), then secured himself a solid alliance and won quite a few competitions to keep himself safe. Now that he has won the first round of the Head of Household competition, he’s guaranteed a spot in the final three and will probably win the game.

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And he’s very deserving, for all the aforementioned reasons. What’s kind of too bad is that he’s up against such weak competition for the win. A final four of Alex, Danielle, Jason and Shelby would have been the four strongest players and then it would have been cool to see who came out on top.

But that’s not what happened, so barring something really surprising, Jason should be the “BBOTT” winner.

2. Morgan, down 1 spot

Jason feels that taking the two women to the final three will improve his chances of winning, so his plan is to evict Justin. What this means for Morgan is that she should take runner-up — and there’s an outside chance she’ll win. Remember, the viewers vote for the winner, so if Alex’s fans have decided to rally behind her sister, Morgan could sneak in there and win.

It would be kind of a shame — Morgan hasn’t played a terrible game, but she’s not better than Jason — but still, it’s a possibility.

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And she really should be able to get to the final three. Jason plans to use his “automatic advance” choice on Kryssie, which means the final round of the HOH is between Morgan and Justin — and Justin is not great at comps. So we expect Morgan to advance.

3. Kryssie, held steady

Kryssie is Jason’s choice to take with him to the final three, so she isn’t going to be evicted. However, we would be shocked if she placed higher than Jason or Morgan in the finals, so the best she’s going to do is third place.

4. Justin, held steady

If Justin made it to the final three, he might have a chance to finish second and hey, he could even win (though that would really surprise us). But he won’t get that chance — Jason wants to take him out and the girls will probably go along with that.

Only one week left — how have you liked “BBOTT,” fans? We have been big fans of it, so hopefully CBS decides to do this again.

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