Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection Reviews

Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection

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Braveheart (Special Collector’s Edition)

Mel Gibson directs and stars in this Academy Award-winning epic based on the life of legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero William Wallace. Returning to his homeland following the death of an heirless king, Wallace (Mel Gibson) finds the political landscape precarious. Edward the Longshanks, King of England (Patrick McGoohan), has captured Scotland’s throne and threatens the freedom of all Scottish people, as tyrannical policies instituted by the English plague the Scots. Initially, Wallace is content to stand by the wayside, yearning for the simple life of building a home and raising a family. However, when the woman he loves (Catherine McCormack) suffers a cruel fate at the hands of English soldiers, Wallace takes a stand against the new rule. With his fierce patriotism and determination, he gathers an amateur but passionately rebellious army. Although this makeshift force may be outnumbered by the English troops, their desperation and love for their land surpass any military ma

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8 thoughts on “Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection Reviews

  1. Review by Simon for Braveheart (Special Collector’s Edition)
    Braveheart is simply an amazing film, with one big BUT, Why isn’t it available on DVD! There is a solutions however.If you search for “Braveheart” for DVD on this site, you are greeted by a message which allows you to be informed when the DVD is available. It also states that the studio will be informed that a customer is waiting for this release. So if lots of us DVD fans start giving our Email addresses to Amazon for this movie, then the Studio might get the hint!

  2. Review by Gunner for Braveheart (Special Collector’s Edition)
    Brave Heart DVD

    Mel Gibson directed and stars in this epic biographical portrait of William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish rebel, who led an unsuccessful insurgency against oppressive British rule.

    I knew a boy, growing up whose name was William Wallace. I had no idea who he had been named for. His Mother was a librarian, I guess she did.

    Great movie and I highly recommend it for fans of Mel Gibson and Scottish action buffs.

    Gunner March, 2008

  3. Review by K. Wyatt for Braveheart (Special Collector’s Edition)
    “Braveheart” is quite simply, one of the best and most successful movies ever created and a huge part of that success comes from the efforts extended by Mel Gibson, as he wore three different hats for this masterpiece, those being producer, director and star. The one oddity about this movie for me was that I pretty much wore out my VHS copy of it and had, a couple years ago, purchased the DVD but only just recently took the opportunity to watch it again and no matter how many times you watch this movie, it is still a stunning, compelling and extraordinarily intriguing film that draws you in to the life of William Wallace despite already knowing how it’s going to end.The one thing that drives this movie is the spirit that Mel Gibson puts into his character of William Wallace and it is of no surprise that “Braveheart” won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1995 and Best Director for Mel Gibson. The only true surprise was that he wasn’t among the top five nominated for or won the Best Actor award. High praise also goes to the long list of supporting actors and actresses that starred in this superb film! Most notable was the performance by Sophie Marceau, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Patrick McGoohan was absolutely incredible in the role of the villain Longshanks, King Edward I, delivering a memorable performance.One of the most notable performances in this film, among the many, was the work done by James Horner who was responsible for the score. As is normally the case when his name appears in the credits, everything about the score, from the first reel to the last, is incredibly well blended into the movie and serves extremely well in enhancing the experience of the movie.The Premise:As the old saying goes, is it Hollywood or History? The truth is, of course it’s a bit of history, put together Hollywood style to make one of the best films ever presented to an audience. The truth behind it is that we’ll never know as recorded history from this era is circumspect as best. Where a huge portion of the credit for this film lays is in the hands of Randall Wallace, a descendant of William Wallace’s.As this historic film opens, we see a young William Wallace in Scotland as he’s learning the harsh lessons of life in his era. After his family is killed in battle he’s fortunate enough to have his Uncle Argyle (played brilliantly by Brian Cox) take him under his wing! Several years later he returns home to find that his countrymen are still suffering under the yoke of English oppression but he didn’t come home for that, he came home for Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack), seeking her hand in marriage. Unfortunate events unfold from there and William loses the love of his life and goes on a rampage not only to avenge his love but to free his country…What follows from there is not only one of the best films of the nineties but one of the best films of all times. I highly recommend “Braveheart” to any and all who are interested in seeing what true movie making is about! {ssintrepid}Special Features:-2 Theatrical Trailers
    -Commentary by Director Mel Gibson
    -A Filmmaker’s Passion: The Making of Braveheart

  4. Review by TG for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    I bought this as a birthday present for my 1 year old nephew. He loves Elmo and this collection is perfect. My mom has one of the discs for when he stays at her house and my sister has the rest. My nephew isn’t allowed to watch a lot of TV, but my sister can turn this on and finish getting ready in the morning, get her older kids ready for school, finish cooking dinner at night, etc. You get the picture. Great collection.

  5. Review by L. J. Owen for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    This set was a gift from my 4-yr-old son’s favorite auntie, and within a couple weeks we knew every line by heart. He just loves Elmo and the whole cast, who are each exciting and interesting as only a little, red, furry monster can be to a child. (Wait … that’s another episode … involving a parade …)

    Anyway, Elmo is a great educational tool and my son’s personal favorite character in the known universe … well, it’s a tie between Elmo, Mr Noodle and Dorothy. And since my son has only been in the U.S. for two months and doesn’t speak much English yet, that is definitely saying something.

    My highest recommendation.

  6. Review by K. Law for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    My 21-mo-old daughter is absolutely obsessed with Elmo, so this 3-pack was the best DVD investment we ever made. Each DVD has three episodes of “Elmo’s World”, each episode focusing on a different topic.

    Topics are:

    Disc 1 – Jackets, Hats and Shoes

    Disc 2 – Birthdays, Games and Pets

    Disc 3 – Flowers, Bananas and Hair

    Anyone who has ever seen an episode of “Elmo’s World” will know what to expect. Every episode has the same format, so the ‘repitition’ criticized in an earlier review shouldn’t come as a surprise to a regular Elmo viewer. And, as each episode is at least 15 minutes long, I certainly wouldn’t expect an active toddler to sit through the entire disc (nearly 50 minutes).

    So, if your child is a fan of the “Elmo’s World” segment at the end of every episode of Sesame Street, this collection is a must.

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