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  1. Review by TG for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    I bought this as a birthday present for my 1 year old nephew. He loves Elmo and this collection is perfect. My mom has one of the discs for when he stays at her house and my sister has the rest. My nephew isn’t allowed to watch a lot of TV, but my sister can turn this on and finish getting ready in the morning, get her older kids ready for school, finish cooking dinner at night, etc. You get the picture. Great collection.

  2. Review by L. J. Owen for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    This set was a gift from my 4-yr-old son’s favorite auntie, and within a couple weeks we knew every line by heart. He just loves Elmo and the whole cast, who are each exciting and interesting as only a little, red, furry monster can be to a child. (Wait … that’s another episode … involving a parade …)

    Anyway, Elmo is a great educational tool and my son’s personal favorite character in the known universe … well, it’s a tie between Elmo, Mr Noodle and Dorothy. And since my son has only been in the U.S. for two months and doesn’t speak much English yet, that is definitely saying something.

    My highest recommendation.

  3. Review by K. Law for Best of Elmo’s World DVD Collection
    My 21-mo-old daughter is absolutely obsessed with Elmo, so this 3-pack was the best DVD investment we ever made. Each DVD has three episodes of “Elmo’s World”, each episode focusing on a different topic.

    Topics are:

    Disc 1 – Jackets, Hats and Shoes

    Disc 2 – Birthdays, Games and Pets

    Disc 3 – Flowers, Bananas and Hair

    Anyone who has ever seen an episode of “Elmo’s World” will know what to expect. Every episode has the same format, so the ‘repitition’ criticized in an earlier review shouldn’t come as a surprise to a regular Elmo viewer. And, as each episode is at least 15 minutes long, I certainly wouldn’t expect an active toddler to sit through the entire disc (nearly 50 minutes).

    So, if your child is a fan of the “Elmo’s World” segment at the end of every episode of Sesame Street, this collection is a must.

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