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Best of the Week: 'Suicide Squad 2' is Moving Forward, the Latest

The Important News

DC Extended Universe: Mel Gibson might direct Suicide Squad 2. Matt Reeves might direct The Batman. Arnold Schwarzenegger might have a role in Wonder Woman.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Scarlett Johansson is still trying to get a Black Widow movie.

X-Men: Sophie Turner says X-Men: Supernova is filming in the next year. Fox admits to fears Logan would be boring. Hugh Jackman confirmed Logan is his last as Wolverine but Patrick Stewart says he’s lying.

Star WarsThandie Newton joined the Han Solo movie. Jimmy Vee is the new R2-D2 actor. A toy box revealed first look at Last Jedi characters. John Williams started recording the Last Jedi score.

007: Chad Stahelski wants to direct a James Bond movie.

Action Remakes: Joe Carnahan will direct Frank Grillo in a redo of The Raid.

Disney Remakes: Niki Caro will direct the live-action Mulan.

Animated Features: Taika Waititi will make a stop-motion movie about Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee. Resident Evil Vendetta will hit theaters this summer.

Sequels: Love Actually is getting a short film sequel for charity.

Biopics: Richard Linklater will direct Robert Downey Jr. in a movie about con man Dr. John Brinkley. Tom Brady will be the subject of a deflategate movie.

Musicals: Lin-Manuel Miranda confirmed a Hamilton movie will happen eventually.

Box Office: The Lego Batman Movie was the #1 movie last weekend.

Awards: La La Land and Hidden Figures were big winners again.

Viewing Options: Audiences can see Hidden Figures free and Netflix’s 13th in public.

The Videos and Geek Stuff

New Movie Trailers: Ghost in the Shell, Power RangersThe House, Goon: Last of the Enforcers, MineThe Bad Batch, Colossus and Everything, Everything.

Behind the Scenes: Robert Downey Jr. answers fan questions from the Avengers: Infinity War set, Allied effects artists show how they recreated the Sahara and a look at the making of Beauty and the Beast.

Deleted Scenes: Moana‘s “Warrior Face” number.

Movie Clips: Logan and Kong: Skull Island.

Movie Posters: All the new movie posters released this week.

Movie Parodies: SNL does a political Fatal Attraction, the realistic ending of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a realistic La La Land.

Movie Scene Reenactments: Strangers do Lady and the Tramp and Anna Rose Holmer directs a dance version of Moonlight.

Mashups: Forrest Gump and The Matrix.

Fan Art: Deadpool II poster and neon La La Land

Oscars Montages: Black auteurs and the Oscars, the good and bad of Oscar bait and all the Best Animated Feature winners.

Shorts: Thor and his roommate discuss rent and Michael K. Williams wonders if he’s being typecast.

Our Features

Movie Reviews: Logan is one of the smartest, sweetest and most badass comic book movies ever made. 

Lists: John Wick: Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski and stunt coordinator J.J. Perry named the action movies you must see before you die.

Interviews: Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer on how and why he challenges himself and Michael Paul Stephenson on directing Girlfriends Day.

Horror Movie Guide: We roundup all the latest horror news and trailers.

Comic Book Movie Guide: We question whether Avengers: Infinity War can live up to the hype.

Home Viewing: Our guide to everything hitting VOD this week. 



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