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Brad Pitt On-Screen Style Evolution: From ‘Thelma & Louise’ To ‘Killing Them Softly’ (VIDEOS)

  • ‘Thelma & Louise’ (1991)

    Clad in an-all denim ensemble, Brad Pitt made his first appearance as a leading man in 1991’s “Themla & Louise.” Here, he played J.D., a small town crook in Ridley Scott’s road trip thriller. The film went on to achieve commercial and critical success, winning Best Original Screenplay. As for Pitt, his love scene with heroine Geena Davis put him on the express track to the hunky hall of fame.

  • ‘Johnny Suede’ (1991)

    Thought a pompadour could never look good? Think again. In “Johnny Suede,” Pitt played an aspiring rock n’ roller who is dressed for the part — excluding a pair of black suede shoes (essential for rocking). What was supposed to be Pitt’s star vehicle, the film, written and directed by Tom DiCillo, was unpopular at the box office and with critics.

  • ‘A River Runs Through It’ (1992)

    Before there was “Fight Club,” there was some serious boy fighting in “A River Runs Through It.” Pitt’s performance as the overall-wearing Paul Maclean put him on the serious actor map, even though the actor has regarded it as one of his weaker roles. “I felt a bit of pressure on ‘A River Runs Though It,’” Pitt <a href=””>told Rolling Stone in 1994</a>. “And I thought that it was one of my weakest performances. It’s so weird that it ended up being the one that I got the most attention for.”

  • ‘True Romance’ (1993)

    After playing the cornfed heartthrob, and a wannabe rocker, Pitt captured fans hearts <em>and</em> tickled funny bones as Floyd the stoner in “True Romance.” The Quentin Tarantino-written, Tony Scott-directed film was a critical success, but not a box office hit.

  • ‘Interview with the Vampire’ (1994)

    Before there was Edward Cullen, there was Louis de Pointe du Lac. In the Anne Rice adapted vampire flick, Pitt donned a ruffled chemise and a Gastone-like ponytail for his role as two-century-old bloodsucker in modern day. The film went on to win an Oscar nomination for Best Art Direction, but Pitt’s role was generally met with lukewarm to negative reviews.

  • ’12 Monkeys’ (1995)

    Going way against type, Pitt starred in Terry Gilliam’s sci-fi flick, “12 Monkeys.” In a pajama-track-suit hybrid, he plays the seasoned mental patient, showing the ropes to a newly committed Bruce Willis. Pitt earned the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor as well as his first Academy Award nomination.

  • ‘Fight Club’ (1999)

    And so begins the days of Brad Pitt: Uber Heartthrob. In 1999, Pitt starred in the big-screen adaptation of David Fincher’s “Fight Club.” Pitt’s preparation for the role of Tyler Durden was extreme: he took boxing, taekwondo and grappling lessons. (And boy, did they pay off!) In addition to baring his sculpted bod, Pitt’s performance earned high marks and became of one his most popular performances to date.

  • ‘Snatch.’ (2000)

    What’s Tyler Durden + lots of tatoos + an incomprehensible brogue? Brad Pitt in “Snatch.” In Guy Ritchie’s 2001’s gangster flick, Pitt played Mickey, a salty Irish Gypsy boxer. Like “Fight Club,” the film initially received mixed reviews but went on to earn cult status. It also cemented Pitt as the most likable guy — with the meanest left hook around.

  • ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001)

    Ah, suave, shorn and wearing a beautiful suit — this is the Brad Pitt to take home to mother. His first appearance in the Steven Stodebergh-helmed franchise was in 2001, and lucky for us, the actor would go on to play the character of the perma-cool Rusty Ryan in three “Oceans” films.

  • ‘Troy’ (2004)

    Pitt had already achieved God-like status in the celebrity world — he had been named People’s Sexiest Man twice over — so it only made sense that he would portray a demi-God in the 2004 epic, “Troy.” Here, clad in loosely-drawn robes, with his long, blond locks flowing, Pitt played the Greek warrior Achilies. The actor underwent six months of sword training in preparation for the movie. (Ironically, he injured his Achilles tendon during production.) Despite the tepid critical response, the film earned a Trojan prince’s ransom at the box office, and remains Pitt’s most successful film to date.

  • ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ (2007)

    Dressed in black and sporting a goatee, Pitt transformed himself into an American outlaw in Andrew Dominik’s “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” Adapted from Ron Hansen’s 1983 novel, the film followed the ups and downs of the friendship between the two bandits. Pitt won the Volpi Cup award for Best Actor at the 64th Venice International Film Festival for his performance.

  • ‘Burn After Reading’ (2008)

    In the Coen Brothers’ black comedy film “Burn After Reading,” Pitt played an airhead personal trainer who gets mixed up in a CIA scandal. The film was well-received and Pitt’s performance was singled out as one of the most humorous of the ensemble cast. Just look at that workout getup!

  • ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’ (2008)

    In perhaps his most transformative role to date, Pitt starred as the reverse-aging titular lead in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Adapated from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, the film follows a man born in his 80s who then de-ages into a young (beautiful) man. His performance would earn him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

  • ‘Inglourious Basterds’ (2009)

    And so begins Pitt’s ever-changing facial hair. In 2009, he played the mustachioed Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Quentin Tarantino’s alternate history WWII film. The film was a box office and critical success, raking in $ 311 million worldwide.

  • ‘Killing Them Softly’ (2012)

    From Andrew Dominik (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”), the actor plays a slicked-back professional enforcer hired to track down two crooks who robbed a mob-protected poker game. Critics swooned after the film at Cannes Film Festival with the <a href=”″>Hollywood Reporter</a> calling it “a juicy, bloody, grimy and profane crime drama that amply satisfies as a deep-dish genre piece.”

  • World War Z Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Brad Pitt Movie HD

    With shoulder-length hair and graying facial hair, we’ve arrived at present day Pitt. The adaptation of Max Brooks’s novel imagines quick-footed zombies taking over the world. The only man for the job? Family man — and we’re assuming some one-time decorated solider? — our boy, Brad. After many <a href=””>production headaches</a>, “World War Z” is set to hit theaters June 21, 2013.

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