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Chris Brown: ‘Best Love Song’ with T-Pain!

Chris Brown: 'Best Love Song' with T-Pain!

Check out Chris Brown and T-Pain’s new song, “Best Love Song”!

The 22-year-old entertainer teamed up with the 25-year-old singer/rapper for the new track.

“It’s funny how we as ‘urban’ artist get so much s— for all of our videos looking the same. Big cars, giant rims, bikini girls, slow motion cigar smoke, club scene etc.,” T-Pain tweeted about the new video.

“But when we do something out of the norm, to ’some ppl’ it’s not urban enough. Hahahahaaaa. I’m seeing now that everybody is ok with doin and watching and hearing the same thing over and over again. It’s all good. Makes my job much easier,” T-Pain added.

T-Pain feat. Chris Brown – Best Love Song

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