Cillian Murphy Dodges ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Question

Cillian Murphy isn’t “going to contribute to the rumors or speculation” about whether he’s in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ he tells BBC Radio, but that’s not exactly a resounding denial, is it? He was more eager to talk about his current film ‘In Time’ during the segment, but — of course — the interviewer tried his best to get Murphy to slip up about when he last saw director Christopher Nolan. Could Murphy’s sly, dimpled smile actually mean he is reprising his role as Scarecrow? Watch his fidgety interview ahead.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is currently filming and if Murphy is in the film, he has yet to be photographed on-set in either Pittsburgh or Los Angeles. Key word there is “photographed.”

[via ComicBookMovieFan]

[Photo: Getty Images For BAFTA Los Angeles]

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