Cindy Anthony Tells Dr. Phil, George ‘Absolutely’ Did Not Molest Casey

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

In the third installment of their first interview since their daughter was acquitted of murdering their granddaughter, Cindy Anthony told Dr. Phil that her husband, George, “absolutely” did not molest their daughter Casey.

“Do you know to the absolute core of your heart that this man never molested your daughter?” Dr. Phil asked Cindy.

“Absolutely.  Because if I knew that he would not be sitting here today,” Cindy said.  “I would have either killed him, myself or had him arrested or moved him away.”

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The shocking final interview also revealed that George felt like Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez tried to ruin his life, but he said that he wasn’t allowing the lawyer to take the “joy” out of his life.

George Anthony repeatedly told Dr. Phil that he did not believe the story that Caylee drowned in the family pool while Cindy seemed to accept that story as the truth.

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The parents admitted that they had not spoken to their daughter since her release from jail and her mother said she looked forward to Casey getting help for her mental problems while George said he still is angry with his daughter.

Watch Cindy Anthony’s response to Dr. Phil below:


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