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Daisy Ridley to Play a Real Life Spy In 'A Woman of No Importance'

Most people today won’t know the name Virginia Hall. Then again, during World War II, most people who met Virginia Hall didn’t even know her name. She went by a string of different aliases while working undercover for the United States’ Office of Strategic Services (which would later become the CIA). She spent the war traversing enemy lines, covertly mapping out drop zones, feeding intel to British commandos, and even training Resistance fighters in the ways of guerrilla warfare. She did all this despite the fact that half of her leg had been amputated after a shooting accident.

Virginia Hall was, to put it bluntly, a badass. And soon she’ll be played on the big screen by one of our new favorite heroines, The Force Awakens breakout Daisy Ridley.

Deadline reports Paramount has attached Ridley to an adaptation of A Woman of No Importance, Sonia Purnell’s forthcoming book written about Hall’s life and clandestine service. It does not currently have a director attached, but considering how rich this true story is, it probably won’t be hard to find one. Expect it some time in the next few years.

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