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Dan Scott is just as evil on ‘OUAT’ as he was on ‘One Tree Hill’

Paul Johansson on 'Once Upon a Time'

The Enchanted Forest got a visit from a pretty heartless new villain and we’re kind of having deja vu.

“One Tree Hill’s” Paul Johansson made the move to “Once Upon a Time” as the nefarious Woodcutter on Sunday’s (Nov. 6) episode, and he wasted no time in drugging Charming (Josh Dallas) and kidnapping Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) in a flashback to just before they met. At least this time the dog didn’t end up eating his heart?

Snow and Charming’s hearts — shared heart? — were less safe in the future, however, as the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) threatened to poison the whole town if they didn’t hand over their hearts to be crushed.

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Ultimately, this episode could have been passed off as a filler if not for the unbelievably awesome twist the Evil Queen delivered by cursing Snow and Charming at the last minute.

Sleeping curses are kind of a dime a dozen on “Once Upon a Time,” and we’ve pretty much lost track of how many people have been put to sleep and reawakened only to be put back to sleep again.

This time though, Snow and Charming’s shared heart added a bigger stumbling block to the “true love’s kiss” concept. When Charming woke Snow up, the curse simply shifted over to him and his half of the heart the moment she opened her eyes. From now on, if one of them is awake, the other must be asleep.

Just when you think “Once Upon a Time” has run out of tricks…

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this latest twist will last a good long while, simply because it creates a nice bit of angst for Snowing that has been notably absent from their storyline for the past few years. Living happily ever after is great in theory, but it doesn’t make for super exciting television.

Figuring out how to beat the Evil Queen while our heroes are short one soldier at all times should be a good bit of fun to last us until the mid-season finale at least. Plus, we’re dying to see if Snow and Charming will switch off sleeping and staying awake depending on who is better suited to solve the dilemma at hand. It’s like a comatose game of musical chairs!

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If Charming is the only one to stay under for the foreseeable future, then we’ve got a serious bone to pick with “Once Upon a Time.”

It feels like weeks since we’ve seen any progress in solving the potential murder of Charming’s father back in the Enchanted Forest. More than a few urgent matters needed taking care of in the meantime — Jekyll and Hyde’s showdown, Aladdin’s disappearance, and Killian’s kidnapping to name a few — but we’re getting a little weary of waiting for this plot to become relevant again.

There’s a reason unsolved mysteries and true crime dramas are so popular. The people are desperate to know the ins and outs of cold cases just like this one, so give us the goods, “Once Upon a Time!”

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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