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Did Netflix’s ‘Amanda Knox’ documentary change your mind?

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While many are deep in a binge of Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” it should be noted that’s not the only major project Netflix released on Sept. 30. The streaming service also debuted their latest documentary, “Amanda Knox.”

It retraces the murder murder of Meredith Kercher and the trial of American student Amanda Knox that followed, as she was convicted, acquitted, re-convicted and re-acquitted of the crime. The Knox trial was one that captured the attention of many thanks to increased media coverage — you couldn’t look anywhere without headlines emblazoned with “Foxy Knoxy” — and the documentary attempts to be the final word on the entire affair.

Did it change what you already thought about Knox and whether or not she’s guilty, though?

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“Amanda Knox” doesn’t take a side in the argument, instead letting the facts — and those involved — speak for themselves. Using crime scene video, along with clips from a variety of news reports, “Amanda Knox” reconstructs the events of the murder and following trials.

However, it’s the interviews that are most striking in the film. Those behind the project spoke with everyone, from the Italian prosecutor, to Knox’s boyfriend who was on trial with her to the American student herself. They also speak with a member of the press about the media’s role in the trial. After all, in the final acquittal the Italian courts cited the media’s role in creating a “frantic search” for whoever was guilty of the murder.

Whether you believe Knox is innocent or guilty, it’s not hard to see how either option could be true. After all, as Knox says in the documentary, “That’s everyone’s nightmare. Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing … or I am you.”

Did the documentary chance your opinion of whether or not Knox was guilty? Sound off in the poll below.

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