Dream of a Warrior

Dream of a Warrior

viewster.com – watch MORE free movies on http Republic of Korea (2001) Former life is not a past nor a future in the unlimited space, its a virtual reality space that is called Dilmoon. Dilmoon is the warm climate futuristic city and the people with the characteristic of optimistic and passion loves to watch the mixed martial art sports. They are ahierarchical society and it has a Katorclass. Dilmoons best warrior Dean and princess Rose both are in love but cause of a hierarchical society their love isnt permitted. On the other hand, the best woman warrior Shosho is in love with colleague Martin but he is dedicated to the warrior mission. After being exiled long time the Poptus tribe attacks Dilmoon. Poptus captain Shaneela rises treason to pursue princess Rose’s crown and love. The fight between Poptus and Dilmoon goes on. As Songjin has experienced his former life he enters Dilmoon to save his girl Namhong. KOREAN with ENGLISH subtitles
new movie 2011 trailers official Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Dream of a Warrior

  1. Cheesy yes, horrible subtitle yes, yet its korean crazy sci ishhhhh…. Im giving it a 3 and the dame is pretty sexy, so add + .1

  2. Sorry, but this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Poor plot and continuity, low budget sets and special effects. Perhaps better luck next time.

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