Dustin Hoffman 75th Birthday: 24 Reasons Why ‘Tootsie’ Is The Best

Hike up your skirt, Mrs. Robinson. August 8 marks Dustin Hoffman’s 75th (!) birthday!

The legendary actor has appeared in countless films, including “The Graduate” and “All the President’s Men,” and given us dozens of lines to quote (cue “I’m an excellent driver” impressions). But, on the big 7-5, we thought it fitting to celebrate one of Dusty’s finest roles (and his feminine side) by looking back at 1982’s “Tootsie.”

Directed by Sydney Pollack, who also plays Hoffman’s agent in the film, “Tootsie” follows Michael Dorsey (Hoffman), an actor who has earned a reputation as a hard-to-work-with perfectionist — “Nobody does vegetables like me! I did an evening of vegetables off-Broadway!” — and decides to disguise himself as a woman, earning a role on a famous soap opera. However, Michael falls in love with his female co-star. Hilarity ensues.

So, in honor of Dustin Hoffman’s 75th, let’s take a look at 24 reasons why the reveal scene from “Tootsie” is his cross-dressing best.

1. Dorothy is fumbling with her compact.
2. That home-spun voice; that all-lavender ensemble; that terrible wig.
3. Jessica Lange, you sexpot.
4. “Uh-oh.”
5. “He was an unmerciful tyrant. An absolute do-do bird.”
7. The story begins to unravel. Dorothy, stuttering, said that her mother lost all her teeth. And someone contracted a disfiguring disease.
8. Geena Davis, who did your hair?
9. Dr. Bruster, you transatlantic dog: “I never laid a hand on her!”
10. Apparently, stuttering is contagious?
11. “God, here come the terms.”
12. “As a woman,” Dorothy proclaims, hands on hips.
13. Removes eyelashes.
14. “I’m Edward Kimberly, the reckless brother of my sister Anthea.”
15. Wig’s off! Mass pandemonium!
16. The camera man went cross-eyed.
17. Les dropped his toast, ate his hands.
18. That producer lady is beaming with pride.
19. “…But proud and lucky and strong enough to be the woman that was the best part of my manhood — the best part of myself.”
20. Dustin Hoffman has tears in his eyes.
21. (Are you moved yet?)
22. Cue music!
23.Bill Murray, nearly stealing the scene: “That is one nutty hospital.”
24. “I knew there was a reason she didn’t like me!”

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