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Effective PetMassage for Older Dogs DVD

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Learn to PetMassage your dog to enhance flexibility, increase body awareness, increase muscle tone, and enhance his/her overall quality of life. PetMassageTM even helps with behavioral training. Your instructors in the DVD are Jonathan Rudinger, the human, Peter, the wheaten terrier, Oreo, the Shih Tzu, Gracie, the golden retriever, and Xander, the German shepherd. They will demonstrate how to use the techniques of compression, friction, exploration of movement, healing touch and more. Complete these lessons and you will have more skills to help your dog whatever his age, physical or emotional condition. PetMassage is an excellent vehicle for you to help your dog reestablish balance naturally, from within his/her body. This video was created for people to learn to PetMassage their pet dogs at home. This lesson is for you, the caregiver, whose dog may be showing signs of physical discomfort, advancing hip problems, the effects of poor circulation, or who is just having a rough time coping with “senior citizen” issues. Old dogs, young dogs, competition dogs, healthy active dogs, dogs with chronic diseases, dogs that have just been injured and/or a recovering from surgery can benefit from a good PetMassage. These lessons focus on PetMassage techniques that can be used to help the geriatric dog and dogs with tight muscle and fascia restricting movement in their spines. Special attention is given to dogs with congenital and traumatic hip issues, and techniques for enhancing your dog’s ability to breathe. “Thank you for allowing me to share this marvelous set of skills with you. I know both you and your dog will appreciate what you learn here.”-Jonathan Rudinger, author This DVD has a 55 minute run time. The information in this DVD is several years old and still valid. It and its companion DVD have been replaced by the new series, PetMassageTM for Dogs DVDs 1 and 2.PetMassage techniques for older, geriatric dogs
Dogs with hip problems, hip dyslplasia, sore hind legs and hips
Respiratory therapy for dogs
Exploration of movement and myofascial release
canine body language, dog body language

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