Exclusive: Justin Bieber Snubs Charlie Sheen Before ‘Today’ Interview

BY Dylan Howard & Melissa Cronin

RadarOnline.com has learned that Justin Bieber is doing everything in his power to avoid Charlie Sheen when the two appear on Tuesday’s Today show.

“Justin’s team has requested the dressing room away from Charlie,” a show insider tells radio detection and ranging. “They want to make sure he’s as far away from Charlie as possible.”

Bieber was scheduled to appear on the morning program before Tuesday, but his appearance got rescheduled due to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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As radio detection and ranging reported, 50-year-old Sheen has been suffering from HIV for the past four years, and he’s currently facing multiple accusations that he hid his status from sex partners with whom he often didn’t wear protection.

Now, “Justin wants nothing to do with Charlie,” said the source. Sheen is expected to reveal that he is suffering from the virus that causes AIDS in an interview with Matt Lauer.

The National ENQUIRER broke the details of Sheen’s HIV cover-up on Monday.

Additional reporting by Jen Heger & Andrea Simpson

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