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Flashpoint or not, ‘Arrow’s’ Felicity is a total hypocrite

It’s time to have an uncomfortable discussion about “Arrow.” There’s a lot to love about Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). Not everything she does it right, though.

For instance, why hasn’t Felicity told Diggle (David Ramsey) about the Flashpoint? Barry (Grant Gustin) revealed to her on “The Flash” that Diggle and his wife Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) had a daughter named Sara in the original timeline, though now after Barry changed things they have a son named John.

By keeping that news from Diggle, it sort of makes Felicity a hypocrite. After all, it was Season 4 when she called off her engagement to Oliver — rightfully so — when he lied to her about having a child of his own. Now she’s keeping secrets from someone else about their own child. That’s a dark road to go down.

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When Felicity dumped Oliver it made for awkward times in the Arrowcave, but she was completely justified in doing so. Just like she would be completely justified in spilling Barry’s big secret to Diggle.

It’s important not to understate how major the impact this particular change Barry made in the Flashpoint is. A child was blinked out of existence, replaced with an entirely different child. That child’s parents deserve to know that someone they regularly interact with has been reckless with the timeline.

What’s more, it’s Felicity’s responsibility to share this news with Diggle — one of her closest friends. If he finds out that she kept this from him it could drive an epic wedge in their friendship and the team as a whole. He may be stationed overseas, but all it takes is a call or video chat to make things right.

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After all, if she could keep something this major from him, who’s to say what else she would withhold from the team? Given how Season 4 played out — and Felicity’s affinity for the truth — it’s not a situation she’d be able to talk herself out of either.

Still, there is an argument to be made that perhaps the Diggle family is better off not knowing Sara existed in any timeline. After all, there’s seemingly nothing they can do about it at this point. Think about it, though. If it were you whose life was irrevocably changed by an ally messing around with the concept of time, wouldn’t you deserve to know the truth?

Besides, is this something Felicity is just supposed to hold onto forever, when in theory the Diggle family is going to be a major presence in her life? Nobody should have to carry that burden.

Come clean while you can, Felicity. Diggle and Lyla deserves to know. Then again, maybe Barry will admit what he’s done to Dig. “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggeinheim tells ET Online, “The ramifications of that will really get dealt with on ‘Flash,’ appropriately.” So this time the ball may be squarely in Barry’s court.

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