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Freaky Friday Finds: Gary Busey Car Commercials, David Lynch, Star Trek, Batman, Star Wars and More

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to let our hair down at headquarters and break out all the weird, freaky stuff we’ve been hiding from our parents so they don’t think we’ve gone completely mad. Just don’t tell anyone you got this from us … 

— Okay let’s start with a couple commercials. Because he probably comes pretty cheap (and he’s kinda insane), Kia car dealerships in two different states have aquired the car-selling antics of one Gary Busey. Watch two of his Kia spots below.

— Not sold on Kia? Well we bet this fan-made David Lynch-related commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon will convince you to down a few Pabst beers. And if it doesn’t, then you’re just a p*ssy! [Warning: NSFW language]

— Speaking of things David Lynch might like, here’s a ridiculous, over-the-top Star Trek parody from Turkey. There’s really not much else to say about this thing except if you have drugs, you might want to take them before you watch it.

— As far as drugs go, we’d love to know what this dude was on when he decided to get a hand tattoo of R2D2. And is this also the hand he … um, yeah, this whole story just took a strange turn and we’re not ready to see where it ends up.

— Looking to express your fanboy love minus the creepy hand tattoo? How about taking an easier approach by buying these Joker Terry Cloth Robes, because even the Joker likes to chill out back at his crib in style.

— While wearing your Joker bathrobe, you might want to read some comics … or watch Kevin Smith’s new reality show about guys who work in a comic book store. Here’s a promo for it …

— Finally, after obsessing about that reality show, you might be wondering, well, what does that make me — a geek or a nerd? Here’s a chart that helps you figure that out. [Click to enlarge]