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‘Fuller House’s’ John Brotherton teases Matt and Steve’s Season 2 bromance

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The return of “Fuller House” to Netflix brings some big changes to the lives of DJ Tanner (Candice Cameron Bure) and the two men who were last seen pursuing her. In the Season 1 finale, the eldest Tanner decided to date neither high school boyfriend Steve (Scott Weinger) nor coworker Matt (John Brotherton).

When the story begins, it’s been a while. Brotherton explained to us exactly how the tricky love triangle has evolved: “Maybe all of our relationship statuses have changed since last season and will probably continue to change,” he says.

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There is one relationship brewing, though — and it happens to be between Matt and Steve. “Scott and I clicked as buddies and as a certain point it made sense for them to go with that, instead of us just not liking [each other],” Brotherton admits. “I think we’re still competition, and I’d hate to call us ‘frenemies,’ but it created a fun dynamic. We have respect for each other, we adore each other.”

It’s not unlike their real life relationship, and creator Jeff Franklin took notice during production of Season 1. “Jeff, the creator of the show, is very good at this,” the actor says. “He sees the humans within the cast, and tries to illuminate everyone’s best qualities.”

Watch out, DJ because you may be losing your two love interests to each other. In fact, Brotherton teases that a bro vacation may be in the cards for the two of them.

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“More will be revealed in Season 2 of how our friendship has budded,” he says. “We might have gone away together. We might have had a bromance. There might be a bromance happening.”

You can see more of Brotherton’s interview with Screener on Facebook or play along with our “Full House” trivia above.

“Fuller House” Season 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 9, on Netflix.

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