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George Clooney, Colin Firth, Mila Kunis Reveal Which Movies Made Them Cry

Keeping in line with the newly-minted tearjerker movie series, W Magazine sat down with Hollywood’s biggest stars to reveal which movies made them cry.

Some are as you’d expect: a young James Franco watching “Steel Magnolias” over and over again. Others less so: Colin Firth falling to pieces over “Dumbo.” Either way, it’s a real joy to watch — no, really!

Take a look at the video and click over to W for all the stars’ favorite tearjerkers, including George Clooney’s truth bomb: “I’ll tell you the last time I really cried was at the premiere of ‘Batman and Robin.’ They were real tears because I realized that that might be the end of my career and I might have brought down the franchise along with it.”

God, he’s good.

[via W Magazine]