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Get ready for another ‘Superstore’ flash mob

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For the first time since the pilot, “Superstore” is ready to go viral with a brand new flash mob. It’s hard to forget the incredible flash mob proposal in the show’s very first episode. Now, deep into Season 2, “Superstore” is ready to unleash the second.

The news was revealed by costume designer Alix Hester during a visit to the “Superstore” set as part of the TCA press tour. While she wouldn’t reveal any details that might spoil the surprise, Hester teases, “We built some fun stuff for the flash mob.”

That particular quote should be enough to get fans excited. After all, the initial flash mob didn’t require much in the way of crazy costumes. Instead, everyone was dressed fairly normally. That does not seem to be the case this time around.

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Things get a bit more amazing though, as Hester also promises, “We built another mascot that you can see in that episode.” So long, Kyle the Cloud. It was good having you around — but the whole “being a serial killer and cannibal” thing makes you not so desirable as a corporate mascot.

As for the replacement, we simply don’t know what it’ll or what it might look like. If Kyle the Cloud is any indication, it’s going to look utterly ridiculous and hilarious. That will, of course, further cement “Superstore” as a shining light of bizarre humor that we can’t live without. Hopefully the Cloud 9 team will do their research though and avoid having another psychotic character as their public face.

“Superstore” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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