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‘Glee’ spoilers: Scandals, guest stars and nudity coming in ‘Sadie Hawkins’ and ‘Naked’

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more twisted or crazy on “Glee,” the show springs a whole bunch of surprises at us. When the show returns with new season 4 episodes in January, we can expect the following: a major scandal that will shape the course of the season, new love interests along with returning faces, and multiple “Glee” characters taking off clothes.

“Sadie Hawkins”

Airing on Thursday, Jan. 24, “Sadie Hawkins” will be the first new “Glee” season 4 episode this winter. The show’s official description reads as follows:

“McKinley’s Sadie Hawkins dance offers several gleeks a rare chance to feel empowered. Sam and Blaine investigate a possible cheating scandal at Sectionals. Kurt makes a new friend at NYADA.”

The empowering school dance isn’t too much to get excited about. The only news there is the return of Ashley Fink as Lauren Zizes. As for Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) new friend, that is likely the new character will be the head of NYADA’s glee club, played by Oliver Kieran-Jones. The interesting not is about the cheating scandal at Sectionals. Since the New Directions club was disqualified, there is a chance that cheating could get them back into this year’s competition.

And with the listing of Nolan Gerard Funk as Hunter Clarington, we can bet it’s the Warblers who somehow cheated.


The second new episode this winter is “Naked,” airing on Thursday, Jan. 31. As the title indicates, clothes will be removed for this one. From the description:

“New Directions produces a sexy calendar to raise money for their trip to Regionals. Rachel is faced with a personal dilemma when she’s cast in a student film. Finn and Sue go toe-to-toe.”

So much information in so few sentences… The sexy calendar almost definitely is the rumored “Men of McKinley High.” Thus far, Darren Criss (Blaine) and Blake Jenner (Ryder) have been spotted as Mr. December and Mr. July, respectively. This episode may just feature some more male skin.

Speaking of skin, it’s very likely that Rachel’s (Lea Michele) “personal dilemma” involves nudity. That’s standard in student films, right?

The big spoiler in all of this, however, is the fact that New Directions is going to Regionals! That must have been some scandal uncovered by Blaine and Sam (Chord Overstreet). Whatever the case, it sounds like the glee club will continue to compete, despite that Sectionals loss.

As for guest stars, we can expect Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Jayma Mays (Emma) for this installment.

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