‘Grimm’s’ Silas Weir Mitchell: Looking for normalcy in an

silas-weir-mitchell-grimm-nbc.jpgAs fans of “Grimm” know, there’s a deeper mythology at play, but it’s been a topic that’s been on the back burner while the show secured its footing and built an audience. Well, according to Silas Weir Mitchell, this will change in the coming weeks.

“We start to get a little more into the underpinnings of the mythology of the major players,” he says. “We start to see a little more of what’s really going on…We start to learn a little bit more about forces that are at play in the world of creature and human and who is trying to do what to whom.”

The man who plays Monroe has also seen his role on the series grow. His character recently became actively involved in helping Nick (David Giuntoli) track down his kidnapped girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). And as Mitchell explains, it’s because his character is getting more comfortable dealing with a Grimm, someone who should be his mortal enemy.

“I’m starting to trust [Nick] a little bit more,” he says. “I’m interested in what’s going on. Since I know a lot about what he’s doing, I’m sort of compelled to help because I think he’s probably doing some good.”

But this partnership isn’t without its problems. As in the recent kidnapping episode, Monroe finds that he’s still treated as an outsider in Nick’s life, this despite all of his harrowing efforts.

Mitchell explains Monroe would like to tell Nick, “‘I’m risking my skin for a woman I’ve never met and you’ve never introduced me to.'” He continues, “As far as Nick’s concerned, he would much rather not do that. I think that tension definitely starts to build as far as my wanting to become more normalized in the world.”

Mitchell does add that he’ll be a little more normalized on Friday’s (March 30) episode when he strikes up a relationship with a “pretty girl.” He also adds that she’s related to a character we’ve met before. So maybe things are looking up for Monroe after all.

A new episode of “Grimm” airs Friday (March 30) at 9 p.m. ET.

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