Hansel and Gretel

An “electronic puppet” version of the Humperdinck opera, adapted for children and using spoken dialogue as well as Humperdinck’s music.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

iTunes! bit.ly TWEET!! tinyurl.com CAREFUL, HARRY shirts – bit.ly Harry Potter. Literally. SUBSCRIBE!!! bit.ly TOBUSCUS SHIRTS! – bit.ly Lyrics: Introductory helicopter nature shot. Bad guy at a safe distance Second helicopter introductory nature shot bad guy at an uncomfortably close distance (turn) Careful Harry, he doesn’t have a nose. Harry needs some sleep. And he needs a nose. And he needs some sleep. And some new glasses. And he needs a manicure. Don’t sleep yet Harry, he’s gonna kill you LOOK OUT! Spell, dodge, too many passengers, dramatic turn, how does that hold him up? First time he touched a girl Pan up pointy roof Leaf bed look right This movie is extremely important Force field dissolves Dramatically raise hand That train is screwed Slowly look left This movie is the most important movie you will ever see Back up in a library Raise your hand and a wand Dragon’s pissed, Weasley’s scared Of a bunch of bad guys but he acts brave while he runs. You’ve gotta buy 2 tickets Masked guy on a broom swerve Run throw exploding Running closer shot cast a spell DUCK be careful with that stick too late. Ok, time out. Oh thank god ok. Catchin my breath. He’s grabbin his face, whatever. Ok go! Dragon take off People running Downhill people running Flex Part 1 November walking Chase that fire you wizards flying horse lizard look out harry Too late got him, help him Ron. PART 2 July 2 BURNING People Running backwards Screaming wave-hand upskirt Windy Kissing Snape cast spell
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel

  1. Well, didn’t realise Hansel and Gretel were friends with a duck and a bear. Both of which would attack humans if need be…

  2. What the heck are electronic puppets? This is quite clearly stop motion, and it’s pretty cool. I wish someone would take the time to clean up the sound, and fix the faded color.

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