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Heidi Klum's Boyfriend Loved Her Halloween Costume: "He Didn't Mind 6 Times Me&q…

Heidi Klum‘s 2016 Halloween costume was an intense ensemble effort, and while a lot of work went into creating the supermodel’s five clones, it didn’t cost anywhere near $10 million.

“I mean obviously $10 million—that is absolutely impossible,” Klum told E! News exclusively at the Heidi Klum Swim x Bloomingdales launch Wednesday. “I mean, I would never let that happen…I don’t even have the money to pay for that—that’s so crazy!”

That astronomical price tag started floating around after Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance jokingly told it cost $10 million to transform Klum’s Halloween crew. The Project Runway host told E! News Marino was exaggerating, saying she thought he just “kind of meant how elaborate it is, how many people it takes to do this.”

As for Klum’s beau Vito Schnabel? He gave her clone costume “two thumbs up,” said the supermodel, adding with a smile, “He didn’t mind six times me!”

Klum, of course, was glad her boyfriend was a fan of her look, but she’s well aware that she’ll never please everyone.

“Being in the public eye is not always easy,” she told E! News. “Sometimes they look at you and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, is she pregnant again? I see a little bump on her stomach,’ then, ‘Oh my god, she’s too thin. Why is she getting so thin?'”

But Klum isn’t bothered by the criticism. “I think as women, we always struggle with our pounds,” she said. “Sometimes I have to struggle keeping [the pounds] on, sometimes I have to struggle keeping them off, it depends on if there was just a holiday…it always goes up and down.”

For much more from from Klum on Halloween, staying in shape, and beyond, watch the videos above.

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