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Here's How "Party Queen" Miley Cyrus Is Really Celebrating Halloween Weekend

It may not be the biggest party in the U.S.A. this weekend for Miley Cyrus.

As Hollywood stars put on their best costumes and go all out for Halloween, the “We Can’ Stop” star appears to be focused on chilling the next couple of days.

While many Americans frantically visited the local party store to perfect their looks, Miley was relaxing on a bed sharing some wise words for future partiers.

“Happy Nap-oween weeeeekend!!!!” the self-proclaimed “party queen” wrote on Instagram Saturday evening. “If you are gettin turnt tonight promise you’ll get really REALLY drunk for me but do NOT drive!!!!!  This is the one day it’s ok to not be yourself!!!!”

She added, “HAVE FUN (I’ll be either A. sleeping B. smoking a doobie c. playin/layin in bed w my dogs/cats.)”

Over the years, Miley has certainly impressed fans with her clever and unique costumes. Whether dressing up as Lil’ Kim circa 1999 MTV VMAs or as “Super Bass” rapper Nicki Minaj, the former Hannah Montana star has always received rave reviews.

But sometimes, a person just doesn’t want to go big on Halloween weekend.

With a gig at The Voice, a busy travel schedule and recent campaign events for Hillary Clinton, our money is on the simple fact that Miley just wants to rest and relax.

But don’t worry, Smilers. You can still dress as your favorite Miley look this weekend. And besides, it’s only Saturday night. The celebrations are just beginning and a girl can always change her mind.

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