‘Hollywood Game Night’ premiere: Will you return to play?


“Hollywood Game Night,” a competition show that is pretty much exactly what the title says, premiered on NBC on Thursday (July 12). With Jane Lynch (“Glee”) leading a group of celebrities — along with a couple of everyday people — through a series of games, is this a show that viewers will return to weekly?

The format of “Hollywood Game Night” seems simple enough. Two teams of four compete against each other in games reminiscent of Pictionary, Outburst and charades. Each of the teams has three celebrities and one “normal” person. The normal on the winning team has a chance to win a bunch of money, while the celebrities play for charity.

Not a problem so far, right? The question is: Is it entertaining to watch other people play games?

Based on the first episode, the answer might be yes — as long as the right celebrities are involved. For the premiere episode, Lynch brought in Martin Short, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Alyson Hannigan, Daniel Dae Kim and Kristen Bell.

They weren’t all comedians, but you would never have known it from the various antics during the games. Even in this group, however, some stars proved more entertaining — like Martin Short — than others.

Will “Hollywood Game Night” continue to work? Did it work this time? Vote in the poll below!

Did ‘Hollywood Game Night’ make you want to play?

Photo/Video credit: NBC

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