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"I'm Really Nervous!" Diandra & Evan Kiss After She

Diandra and Evan secretly locked lips on So Cosmo!

On the episode, the Cosmopolitan staff spent a weekend in the Hamptons together and Diandra became jealous when Evan started hanging out with Tiffany. But after seeing them flirting, Diandra confronted them and they confessed they were just messing with her.

Tiffany explained on the episode that Diandra was “suppressing” her feelings for Evan and she did it to get Diandra to “own up” to those feelings.

“I had to drag Diandra to the well and now it’s finally time for her to drink, because that bitch was thirsty!” Tiffany said.

Diandra then had a talk with Evan and admitted that she was “really nervous” to tell him how she really feels, but she confessed that seeing him spending time with Tiffany made her “really jealous.”

The two then kissed while alone in the Hamptons house, but didn’t tell their co-workers about it. So are they officially a couple?

Watch the So Cosmo recap above to see Diandra and Evan talk about their relationship and to see more OMG moments from this episode!

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