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Instagram Envy: Reese Witherspoon’s posts are aesthetically perfect

Reese Witherspoon

Normally, it would be easy to hate Reese Witherspoon for her perfect beauty and insane amount natural talent, but the Oscar-winning actress bursts with such infectious southern charm, self-confidence and a loving spirit that seems to bring out the best in everyone around her, and all of these endearing qualities are on display on Witherspoon’s Instagram account.

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The 40-year-old actress not only uses her Instagram posts to show off her stylish clothing line Draper James, but also to share funny quotes, her current book club selections, pictures of her beautiful children, selfies with Chelsea Handler, cute animal pictures, as well as birthday shout-outs to Lena Dunham, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba.

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Witherspoon’s photos always turn out so aesthetically pleasing. Each picture bursts with color emanating such happy vibes that you may have to wonder if it’s real! Take a look for yourself. Here are some of Zap2it’s favorite posts from Witherspoon’s Instagram:

She has a decorative outfit for every holiday, even Voting Day.

Witherspoon nails the vacation look.

The woman knows how to host a brunch party

How does she look this perfect all the time?

All her kids are beautiful, too. The proud mama shows them off often.

While still looking amazing herself.

Witherspoon and her daughter could be mistaken for being sisters. Twin sisters.

We want to join her book club.

She is always reading. And we always want to know what she’s reading.

Her celebrity friend squad runs deep.

But still makes time for her mama.

And her husband.

How does she always look this stunning?

We love you, Reese.

She’s mastered the definition of casual perfection.

And is still a total girl’s girl.

Rock on, Reese. Rock. On.

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