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‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ Allowed Kevin Smith to ‘Correct’

“Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” isn’t only a sequel to “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Kevin Smith’s newest reference- and callback-heavy film satirizing Hollywood and his whole filmography additionally offers a touching new ending to a different one in every of his classics: 1997’s “Chasing Amy.”

“Chasing Amy” is only one film Smith was in a position to “sequelize” with “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” together with “Clerks 2,” “Mallrats” and “Dogma,” all components of Smith’s “Askewniverse” through which each title characters Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) seem.

Some critics have argued “Chasing Amy’s” story of a straight man (Ben Affleck’s Holden) romantically pursuing a lesbian lady (Joey Lauren Adams’ Amy) has not aged nicely within the 22 years since its launch. So bringing again each actors for a “where are they now” scene in “Reboot” allowed Smith to appropriate the document on that narrative.

“Suddenly ‘Chasing Amy’ is completely f—ing reframed through that one 30 second clip in this movie,” Smith instructed TheWrap in an interview. “‘Chasing Amy’ has become a bit more problematic for some audiences in the current climate. So I got to go back and correct that stuff as well … how ‘Chasing Amy’ would’ve been so much better if it was made by anybody but a cis, white male. Things we couldn’t say in 1997 because we didn’t know they existed, but things that I get from 22 years of perspective and hearing people talk about the movie, good and bad, for two f—ing decades.”

Smith mentioned that for years he used to carry up “Chasing Amy” as his “shield” or “umbrella,” a extra critical flip for the comedy director that he or any critics might fall again on it doesn’t matter what films he made in his profession. But via years of assembly with followers who’ve matured together with the film, he’s gained a brand new perspective on how he would possibly inform that story immediately.

In addition to the Affleck and Adams cameos, Smith recruits the assistance of his real-life sister, who confirmed up within the closing scene of the unique film. Without giving freely any specifics, all three assist present a romantic little bit of closure to the place these characters can be 20 years after the occasions of the unique.

That ought to come as excellent news to John Oliver particularly, who lately referred to as out the movie in a phase on “Last Week Tonight.”

“Set aside the notion that any lesbian could be magically turned straight if the right guy comes along. What’s extra offensive in hindsight is the idea that guy would be Ben Affleck,” Oliver joked.

Smith thought this was one thing of a “low blow” by Oliver and defends that “Chasing Amy” even features a character addressing the very notion {that a} lesbian may very well be magically made straight. But Smith liked the shout-out anyway.

“I’m a big fan of the show, and as I was sitting there watching, I was like, ‘Holy s-! My picture’s on the screen,” Smith mentioned. “My wife was like, it wasn’t a flattering reference. I don’t give a s—! It’s John Oliver! Relevancy man!”

Watch a clip of TheWrap’s interview with Smith above. “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” opens in theaters by way of Fathom Events on Oct. 15 and 17. Smith and Mewes may even tour with the movie throughout 62 cities following its preliminary launch.

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