Jimmy Fallon prime-time special ratings a good sign

NBC’s Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon prime-time special posted stronger rating than you might expect.

The two-hour Sunday night special delivered 5.7 million viewers and a 2.0 rating among adults 18-49, beating ABC and CBS. For a late-night clip show on a Sunday night on NBC, this is impressive — it’s NBC’s best performance in this slot without sports or the Golden Globes in about a year. With Fallon set to take over The Tonight Show from top-rated Jay Leno after the Winter Olympics, the performance doubtless gives NBC a little more optimism (see Fallon’s first Tonight promo).

Sunday’s big winner, of course, was Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49s NFC wild-card playoff game in Wisconsin. The pre-primetime game was fought amidst the “polar vortex” winter storm that doubtless drew many non-fan curious viewers to watch NFL stars shiver (I was one of them). The preliminary household ratings (a 27.7) suggest it was Fox’s biggest NFC Wildcard Game ever, up 17 percent over last year’s Seattle vs. Washington game.

Full chart:

FOX 7:00P NFL OVERRUN 13.3 41,508
7:30P NFL OVERRUN/THE OT 12.1 35,840
8:00P SIMPSONS- 5.2 12,039
8:30P BOBS BURGERS- 3.2 6,354
9:00P FAMILY GUY- 3.0 5,747
9:30P AMERCN DAD- 2.5 5,034
ABC 7-8P AMR-VIDEOS- 1.6 6,795
8-9P BACHELOR COUNT S 1.8 6,319
9-10P REVENGE- 1.8 6,691
10-11P BETRAYAL- 0.8 3,375
CBS 7-8P 60 MINUTES- 1.2 7,407
8-9P ELEMENTARY RS 1.0 6,753
9-10P GOOD WIFE- 1.4 9,238
10-11P MENTALIST- 1.5 9,929
NBC 7-9P DATE-SU-7P- P 1.3 5,896
9-11P FALLON S 2.0 5,712

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