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‘John Wick 3’ Horse Scene Is ‘F*ck You’ To Other Action Scenes


Have you watched the brand new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum? You ought to actually watch the brand new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. A canine bites a foul man within the nuts, and that’s solely, like, the fifth neatest thing that occurs in it. The centerpiece of the trailer, and possibly all the film AND any film that comes out this yr, is the scene the place Keanu Reeves shoots some jabronis within the head whereas using a horse down the streets of New York.

It’s [extremely Jordan Peele voice] within the film as a result of Reeves thought it might be cool. Sometimes it’s that straightforward. “I thought it would be cool if John Wick escaped on a horse, so we got John Wick riding some horses, fighting with some horses,” the Matrix star advised Collider. “That was fun.” Fair sufficient!

“I thought would be cool if John Wick was in a suit in a desert, somehow. So, we’re going to go some desert… What else we got. We got ninjas, John Wick on a horse, and in the desert, lots of fighting. Technique wise – oh, we got some swords. What else. Lots of guns.”

Director Chad Stahelski additionally spoke concerning the horse sequence, calling it a “f*ck you” to different motion films. “It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my career. Same with Keanu,” he mentioned. “I imply, we’ve all performed The Matrixs’, we’ve performed 300, and a whole lot of the Marvel work. It’s all nice they usually all deal with one or two divisions of motion. This is our ‘f*ck you’ to all people else. So, we’re simply going to do a whole lot of all the pieces and higher than everybody.” That’s a mighty huge boast (even Stahelski concedes that he’s “throwing down the gauntlet” as a result of “we got tired of everybody getting slacky”), but when anybody can discuss the discuss, stroll the stroll, and use some poor bastard as a human pincushion, it’s John Wick.


(Via Collider)

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