Julia Roberts Set to Produce and Possibly Star in ‘Second Act’

The Julia Roberts comeback is in full effect, y’all! Sorta. On the heels of ‘Larry Crowne’ — as well as the upcoming sure-to-be camp classic ‘Mirror Mirror’ — Roberts has signed on to produce and possibly star in ‘Second Act.’ Per The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Second Act’ focuses on a woman “who has never worked and is forced to take a job.” (The economy, amirite?) What job does she take? Great question! ‘Act’ has neither a screenwriter nor director on board just yet, meaning it likely won’t be a blip on your moviegoing radar until 2013 at the earliest. Which gives you plenty of time to speculate on just which workplace Roberts’s lead character could inhabit. Some options.

· Bing.
· New York City Sanitation Department.
· Dunder-Mifflin.
· Godfather’s Pizza circa 1999.
· Netflix.

Add your own in the comments below.

[via THR]

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