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Justin Bieber vs. The Weeknd: Comparing Selena Gomez's Loves By the Numbers

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd

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Justin Bieber whoSelena Gomez has a new man in her life!

The “Hands to Myself” singer put her three-year on-and-off relationship with the Biebs behind her and is giving romance another chance with The Weeknd. The new couple have been getting hot and heavy over the last several weeks, going on PDA-filled date nights and even taking a romantic vacation in Italy.

However, as happy as SelGo may be, we’re guessing Bieber is none too pleased. In fact, just a few days after her now-famous smooching photos with the R&B singer surfaced, Bieber was caught on-camera calling the Weeknd’s music “whack.”

Of course, this piqued our interest and got us thinking about the differences between SelGo’s two loves.

Check out a comparison of Bieber vs. The Weeknd by the numbers below:

First, we must mention Bieber has been in the game a bit longer than The Weeknd, making his pop debut in 2009 with “One Time,” which kick-started his fame. The Weeknd’s first single “House of Balloons” was released in 2010, but he didn’t grab our attention until 2011.

Whether a few years makes a huge difference or not is up to you; nonetheless, the musicians are neck and neck in some of the biggest areas of comparison. For example, they’ve both seen three No. 1 singles on the Billboard charts, and according to Forbes, the Biebs made an estimated $56 million in earnings in 2016 while The Weeknd fell close behind him at $55 million.

Bieber has 217 award wins in total, defeating The Weeknd, who’s at 67. However, while the “Love Yourself” singer only has one Grammy Award, The Weeknd has two.

Music aside, Bieber has seen about 17 endorsements over the years from his perfume brands to nail polishes to his work with Calvin Klein and Adidas. Though not as many, The Weeknd has also had some great endorsements from Puma to H&M to Apple Music.

In the social media realm, though Beliebers outweigh The Weeknd’s posse in terms of followers, there’s no doubt the “Purpose” singer has taken a hit after going off on fans and deleting his Instagram account.

And finally, back to the topic at hand, after dating Gomez, Hailey Baldwin and Sofia Richie, the Biebs may have a few more famous exes than The Weeknd—who’s only publicly dated Bella Hadid—but what matters is right now…and right now, The Weeknd has totally captured SelGo’s heart!

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