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Keke Palmer and Royalty Brown Dress Up as Selena Quintanilla for Halloween

KeKe Palmer

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Keke Palmer has beautifully covered Selena Quintanilla‘s songs in the past, but for this Halloween, she decided to pay tribute in a different way. The Scream Queens star nailed one of the late singer’s signature looks, and we love it!

But Palmer wasn’t the only star to dress up as Selena. Chris Brown‘s two-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown is a huge fan of the Queen of Tejano music, according to her mother, Nia Guzman.

The tiny dancer rocked a miniature purple jumpsuit, identical to the one that that Selena wore at her iconic concert in Texas. Royalty even sported a wig to complete the look. 

We don’t think it could get any cuter than that. 

Keke shared a post on Instagram of herself in the embellished hat and top, the caption explains why the singer met so much to her and the impact that her legacy continues to have in her life. 

“I remember when I first watched “Selena” I cried so hard that I hugged the tv. I fell in love with her music, style and her ability to be such a beacon of hope to her community. She used her voice to paint her culture all over the world, telling their stories that hadn’t been told and in being so true she touched many others and inspired so many to be proud of who they were! I AM THE PROOF,” she wrote. “She has always been the kind of entertainer I wanted to be because she stood for something. She wasn’t trying to fit in any lane but her own and that’s why she remains. And when the lights were off she was in TX in a humble home with bae, #balance. Rest In Peace Selena, we miss you so much girl. So Much.”

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