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Kevin Smith’s ‘Flash’ mission: To reinvigorate cast before ‘grueling’ crossover

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For those of you paying attention to movie director Kevin Smith on Instagram, you know he’s journeyed back to Vancouver as he prepares to helm his second episode of “The Flash.” After directing Season 2’s “The Runaway Dinosaur” — widely regarded as the best of the year — he’s back to tackle the seventh episode of Season 3.

The cast and crew of the show has been loud and proud about the experience of working with Smith last season, thanks to the enthusiasm he injected into the set after months of long filming.

“To see the joy out of that guy, you’re like, ‘That dude is a fan.’ And last year was the perfect time,” executive producer Todd Helbing tells Zap2it. “You get into episode 21, 22, 20 … It’s been six months of filming and those guys work 16 hour days, it’s tough on everybody — cast and crew. That amount of enthusiasm and a reminder that, look we’re making the best fucking show on television and this is all shit that we loved growing up, it really sparked a lot of energy.”

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Now he’s hoping Smith will film a new set of crossover episodes, which will encompass “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and CW newcomer “Supergirl.”

Grant Gustin and Kevin Smith on 'The Flash'

“He’s coming in for episode 7 and it’s going to do the same thing for the front of the season, right before the crossover,” Helbing explains. “Those crossovers are grueling on the actors.”

Luckily, if Smith’s social media posts are any indication, he’s just as excited now as his first time on set that it’s bound to rub off on the cast.

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“We’ve got lots more action sequences and fights to shoot in this [episode] so I’ll likely be hiding like I am in this pic the whole time I’m here, terrified of improving as a visual storyteller,” he writes on Instagram. “Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to shoot the shit out of it instead – especially because the episode contains a lot of ‘First’ moments and super heroic sparring spectacle.”

After “The Runaway Dinosaur” leaned so hard on emotional storytelling, it’s exciting to hear Smith will get to try his hand at some hardcore superhero fights. The only downside if fans will have to wait until episode 7 to see just how well he did.

“The Flash” returns Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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