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Kristen Wiig in ‘The Comedian’: ‘SNL’ Star Will Film Drama With Robert De Niro And Sean Penn Next

While Kristen Wiig may have put “Bridesmaids 2” behind her — a decision that at least one “top manager” considers nothing but a negotiating ploy, according to Vulture — the actress is far from finished with movie-making. Per the New York Magazine culture blog, Wiig is planning on making the long gestating film “The Comedian” this summer for director Sean Penn. Her co-star? Robert De Niro.

The film, described as a “romantic comic drama” by producer Art Linson, follows an aging insult comic (De Niro) — meaning, at worst, it will probably be like an unofficial sequel to “The King of Comedy.” Shooting is set to happen this summer, following the season finale of “Saturday Night Live.”

As for “Bridesmaids,” while that unnamed manager might consider Wiig’s anti-sequel stance nothing but posturing, Linson feels she would rather stretch her chops as opposed to becoming pigeonholed. Hope so!

While the battle for Wiig’s soul apparently rages on, let’s take a moment to remember “The King of Comedy,” just because.

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