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‘Law & Order: SVU’ will be ‘Making a Murderer’ in Season 18


After 18 seasons, It’s amazing how any show could still come up with “must-see TV” episodes, but “Law & Order: SVU” keeps churning out the goods.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, the long running NBC series is working on an episode based on the recent “Making a Murderer” phenomenon. As if that’s not enough intrigue to triple check your DVR’s settings, the series has picked the perfect man to portray the Steven Avery-like character.

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Actor Henry Thomas — the man forever infamous for his starring role as Elliott in Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” — will be taking on the guest-starring role.

In this highly anticipated episode, a new DNA test releases Thomas’s character from prison after being convicted of rape 16 years prior. However, it’s not long before Fin links the convict to another heinous crime, putting his newly found freedom in limbo.

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In the Netflix series, Steven Avery spent 18 years behind bars before being exonerated for rape and attempted murder. Two years later, he was then sent back to prison after being convicted for the murder of a Teresa Halbach.

While known for pulling stories directly from news headlines, “SVU” usually takes a different spin on stories. With “Making a Murderer” set to return for another season, it’s hard to know how this episode will end. Either way, it will be awesome to see Thomas take on such a complicated and newsworthy role.

The 44-year-old actor has somehow stayed out of the media spotlight over the three decades since “E.T” hit theaters. That’s not to say he hasn’t worked steadily in recent years. Most recently, Thomas starred as John Adams in History channel’s “Sons of Liberty” and wrapped filming “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” alongside actress Elizabeth Reaser.

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