Lucky To Be Alive! ‘Devious Maids’ Star Sean Flynn Hospitalized After Hit

Late Hollywood legend Errol Flynn‘s beloved 26-year-old actor grandson Sean Flynn is lucky to be alive! has exclusively learned that Sean – a college film student and actor known for his work on Devious Maid and Zoey 101 — is currently in an L.A. hospital undergoing several surgeries for serious injuries including broken bones and a nearly-severed foot.

According to a Flynn family insider, “On Tuesday, February 9, Sean was on his way to classes at Valley College and got into a minor accident with another driver, who was driving what looked like a 2001 Grey Nissan Altima. When Sean got out of his car to exchange paperwork, the driver of the other car gunned it at full speed and plowed right into Sean.”

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“The other car, who was driven by a young male with a female passenger in the driver’s seat, struck Sean head on, throwing him up in the air and over the hood before crashing into the ground.”

According to several eyewitnesses, the driver of the other car then sped off before anyone could get his license plate.

Sean’s mother Rory – a former model and photographer who is the daughter of Errol Flynn said that “Sean’s foot was almost severed off completely and right after the crash a bone is his leg was protruding through the skin. He also suffered multiple other broken bones.”

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Sean – who is surrounded by his family, including his well-known Hollywood producer father, Gideon Amir – spoke to radio detection and ranging today from his hospital bed and even shared a selfie for his fans. When asked how he was feeling, he took a cue from his grandfather and said, “I file this under the banner of sh*t happens. Expect the unexpected.”


His family is now asking for the public’s help in catching the driver responsible for causing Sean’s traumatic injuries, which nearly killed him.

Sean’s longtime manager at Luber Roklin Entertainment, Danielle Lenniger, is assisting the family and told radio detection and ranging, “We fully support Sean and his family during this horrible tragedy. He is a very talented young man and we know he will pull through this, but all that we can hope for is that whoever is responsible for doing this to him is brought to justice.”

If you know any information that can help the investigation, please contact the Los Angeles Valley Sheriff’s Station.

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