Man Attempts to Steal Undercover Cop Car, Says ‘The Dark Knight

Dumb criminals are nothing new.  Heck, they’re so common there seems to be an entire television channel that exist now just to play videos of dumb criminals (here’s looking at you, Tru TV), but it is rare that these criminal masterminds intersect with pop culture.  But apparently that’s just what happened yesterday in Pittsburgh.

As you no doubt know — since fans have been peppering the Internet with all kinds of pictures and videos of it — The Dark Knight Rises has been filming in the streets of Pittsburgh over the weekend.  Well it appears one aspiring PA man thought it was a genius move to use the fervor of the filming to cover up a few crimes. And he might have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky Pittsburgh police offers. has a full report of what happened, but basically a man already suspected of being the assailant in an assault charge earlier in the day tried to car jack a normally-looking Pittsburgh citizen. As it turns out, said citizen was actually a plainclothes cop sitting in an unmarked cop car.

But wait, it gets better.  After the cop turned his gun on his surely surprised carjacker, the man tried to get away with it by saying he was actually part of the cast of The Dark Knight Rises and this whole car robbery thing was just a part of the script.  Unfortunately for him, Pittsburgh police apparently aren’t starstruck by supposed cast members and they promptly arrested him.

[via CBR]

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